Your Life Can Change

Helping you achieve your dreams and overcome obstacles to reach your goals.

Our passion is helping you help yourself to a better life, action by action, one milestone at a time.

What's important is not the destination, but how gracefully and resiliently you travel the road on your journey and how fulfilled you become along the way.


We are a practice dedicated to helping individuals find new paths to success. We create tools and content to help achieve your goals and improve your mental wellness.

We offer virtual coaching sessions, individual counseling, workshops, webinars and organizational consulting.

Our therapeutic products help integrate creativity, technology, and experiential therapies into everyday life to help you make progress faster and to help you enjoy the process as you travel your own path.


"Map My Life Now is awesome. Kristy helped me overcome my self-doubt and now I am pointing in a whole new direction developing potential that I didn't even see in myself. Now I feel good about my future and feel like I know what I'm doing with my life!" ~ N.R.

Happy Clients

"I highly recommend Map My Life Now. Kristy provided excellent guidance and support as I grew through different stages of my process the last couple of years. I'm making great strides toward my dreams now and I'm so excited to see what I can accomplish." ~ A.T.

"Thanks to Map My Life Now, I was able to achieve a few goals sooner than I thought and now I'm figuring out the path that feels right for me! Kristy helped me feel more confident, capable and ready take on my big new challenge of starting my own business. " ~ S.B.