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I started this company as a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to get affirming therapy, a need I realized when I found out lesbian or gay identifying counselors were few and far between back in 2015 even in a big city like Houston. In graduate school, I had worked with local college and high school LGBTQ student organizations and the cause became even more dear to my heart. As a member of the community, I have helped many through their experiences with questioning sexuality, coming out, dealing with acceptance, as well as struggling with abandonment issues, family conflict, loneliness, relationships, spirituality and developing a secure sense of identity. I also hope to be of help to the parents and families of individuals who are coming out or have concerns about sexual orientation or gender issues. Other issues that I specialize in include:

  • developing a sense of identity

  • questioning role in family/ world

  • attempting to become independent

  • learning to express themselves as individuals

  • self-esteem, self-worth

  • dealing with difficult people/ relationships

  • fears about future

  • test / performance anxiety

  • confusion or absence of direction for their lives

  • career changes

  • job loss / new career

  • breakup / divorce

  • grief of a loved one

  • building confidence

Navigating transformational journeys

I took a rather indirect and adventurously twisted route to reach a few of my life and career goals. I grew up in southwest Louisiana, a Cajun girl with big dreams and a bad case of wanderlust. I lived a few other places but then made my home in Houston for a while. I am a graduate of University of Houston with a B.A. in Psychology. Then I earned my M.A in Counseling in Kentucky at Morehead State University.

Because of my choices, consequences and situations, I have learned many things along the way and I am excited to have the opportunity to pass on what I learned. I look forward to learning more through hearing your experiences and walking with you through change. 

I have been running my own private practice since May 2016 and before then I had a mix of wonderful experiences that you can read about on my LinkedIn profile, if you're curious. 


​I enjoy using creativity and technology in therapy whenever possible because I have seen it make a greater impact when changes are visible, memorable and practical. I believe it is my life's work to be helpful to those who are seeking their "right fit" place in this life and need some help navigating their path to a fulfilling, connected and peaceful life. 

I enjoy spending time creating, learning new things and exploring what the world has to offer whether through technology or actual adventures. I also spend a good deal of time plotting my own course across the literal and metaphorical map of life. In 2023, I moved to Las Vegas and extended my practice to include Nevada.

I enjoy painting, photography, traveling, skiing, kayaking, riding bikes, swimming, museums, live music, and festivals.  I live in Las Vegas with my family and our three cats, Tolle, Snowy & Matisse.

Kristy Hayes, MA, LPC, CPC

Counselor, Owner, Author

People and culture

The company grew and over the last decade I have worked in three states with more than 450 clients who were seeking support. Today, my team and I continue to build on that legacy of care and strive for excellence in everything we do. We have grown to include Life Coaching nationwide, as well as created two apps, authored two books, written a self-help course and many other helping aids. We strongly believe in teaching individuals to embrace their autonomy and cultivate a greater sense of self-empowerment.