Counseling- Texas & Nevada

I am currently only able to see clients in states where I am licensed, which are Texas, Nevada and soon to be Washington and Oregon. Only in those states am I able to allow clients to use their insurance to pay for sessions.

If you live somewhere else, please click Coaching. Coaching is available to anyone in the US for private pay sessions.

woman walking on shore
woman walking on shore

Starting therapy may seem scary, but let me assure you that it's simple to get started and before long you wonder why you were every scared. GROWTH is worth it!   YOU are worth it!

STEP 1 : Schedule an appointment with Kristy. Click button below to schedule an appointment. Or text Kristy if you have questions to ask before you schedule. 832-795-9521

Step 2: Headway, my billing company, will send you an email so you can fill out intake forms before our first appointment.

​​​Why Kristy? Learn more about how she might be a good fit for you! ​​

You don't have to walk alone.

Ready to Schedule?

Click the blue "Schedule Counseling Appointment" button above to choose your date and time. The appointment will be confirmed and then you will need to fill in the Intake forms before your appointment time. Headway is the company that will handle all billing steps and the paperwork portion will be managed by your therapist.

Not in TX or NV?

No problem! Kristy can still have a session with you, you just would not be able to use your insurance. You would be considered a Private Pay client which would mean it is considered "Coaching". Don't worry, we can still discuss all the same issues you need to work on and this way it is in no way keeping a "medical record" of your visits.

Not yet? DIY maybe?

Not ready to talk yet? Maybe you'd like to think about it and make an appointment later. Great! Come back whenever you're ready. But if you decide that you want to try it alone for a while, maybe consider using some of the resources or you can purchase one of the books that Kristy has written to help you "DIY" counseling/ coaching.

Life can be amazing!

But if you're not feeling it, that can be hard to believe.

Goals are great, but destination isn't everything.

Enjoy the Journey!

Take action for lasting positive changes!

Feeling lost? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Disappointed with where you are so far in life? ​​​​ Mapping the steps needed to achieve self-confidence and greater understanding of your life's purpose can be a struggle to do alone. You've come to the right place.

Let's work together to figure out what steps will lead you to your goals. Establishing new habits, breaking old patterns and planning for your future are great ways to make a new path for yourself. The time is now to seek real answers and be willing to do the work. With vision, insight, hope and some hard work, you can do some simple steps to build a better life with just a little help from us.

Now is the time to discover the great adventures that are waiting to be found along the way... because that's the stuff that makes LIFE wonderful.

Your therapy journey starts here. ​​Let's MAP YOUR LIFE together!

Why Now? Why Not?​​

You are never going to be as young again as you are RIGHT NOW!

You will continue to get older whether you get therapy or not,

but you could get much WISER without it.

You are never going to be who you were meant to be,

if you don't start eliminating your negative patterns RIGHT NOW.

You are never going to be as capable of change as you are RIGHT NOW!

Your brain is not going to get any more capable of learning than it is RIGHT NOW.

The time is NOW! Right now! Don't be afraid of the new and unknown.

Face it and realize it's not as scary as you think.

Therapy can actually be fun and exciting!

Fight for the life YOU want!

Let's map out your plan to get there!

The future begins NOW!

white how now are you? neon light
white how now are you? neon light
brown wooden blocks on white table
brown wooden blocks on white table